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What is a roach cleanout?

A roach clean out is an intense treatment that allows you to kill 99% of all roaches in one single treatment.

What is the process?

We use 3 steps  (Actisol Fogging, Dust/Bait, Residual)

Actisol Treatment:

On the initial service,  and / or where there is a large population of cockroaches, an actisol clean-out  is always recommended.  It will allow us  to get  immediate  control  by  killing  off  99% of  all  living cockroaches. The actisol machine displaces a fog like substance allowing us to penetrate all the cracks,  crevices,  void areas of all equipment,   tile,   baseboards,   wall  voids,   and  areas  that   are inaccessible with a liquid or dust application. This is to ensure we find the source of the infestation.


For   facilities  having   a  roach  infestation we will use three methods to begin your cockroach program. We will use an aerosol product to flush out the roaches hiding in cracks and crevices.  Then we will Dust voids and areas where dust is effective.  Last, but not least, we will put out a residual liquid application barrier that will give you lasting control.

Bait  pucks and gels are great when there are active infestations. Different  baits  and  gels  allow cockroaches to eat and carry the chemical back to the colony to share the bait and help kill off the colony of cockroaches.

We aim to provide professional pest control services to all our clients. We seek to earn your business and be the company you call for all your plumbing needs.

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